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  1. This is a guide for all the wilderness key chest locations: Blue Key Location: Pirates' Hideout Building West of Mage Bank (Wildy Tele --> Mage bank) Required: A lock-pick from Explorer Jack at ::home or ::Shops Pink Key Location: Lava Maze Green Key (Wildy Tele --> Chaos Altar) Location: Chaos Altar Black Red Key (Wildy tele ---> Resource Area) Location: Wilderness Resource Area (In Wildy Teleports) **Note: Everytime you want to go in you need a new key
  2. These guide is currently incomplete. Will complete it as soon as possible: Dig near one of the slayer masters: Dig somewhere in home2: Dig near the king of dragons:
  3. Hello everyone, Voting for the server will not only help the server, but will also lead you to attain various rewards! Follow the steps to vote: 1. Click on the "Vote" button or type ::vote in game 2. A pop-up will appear, type you name in and click submit 3. Vote on all the sites listed. 4. Click "View your points or claim your rewards to see a list of potential rewards and your current vote points Remember you can vote every 12 hours so start voting!
  4. Artist(s): Eminem
  5. Dear community, Below you will find a set of rules that every member of this community must follow; failure to follow these rules can lead up to a serious penalty. 1. Disrespecting, Flaming, and Discrimination: In OutlawzOS we expect all players to treat each other with respect; thus, a. Any member caught disrespecting or flaming another player will only receive one warning, failure to abide by the rules will then lead to a mute. Mute length is dependent on severity. b. ANY type of discrimination will result in an automatic ban that is non-appealable. 2. Bug Abuse Our goal is to ensure a flawless gameplay, and with this, we will need every member's help and support. If a bug is found, you must report it at once. a. Any member caught abusing a severe bug will be permanently banned. b. Safe spotting a boss is not allowed. Any player that is caught safe spotting will be jailed for 24 hours. 3. Advertising a. Advertising another server is prohibited. Failure to follow the rules will result in a permanent non-appealable ban. b. You may discuss websites such as Rune-Server, Moparscape, Rune-locus but within the limits. Do not abuse this, anyone seen manipulating this will be automatically muted. 4. Third-Party Software and Macroing a. Any player found botting under any circumstance will be automatically jailed - Trust us, we have a flawless program to detect botting. b. Using an autotyper is allowed if the timer is set to no less than 5 seconds. Any player caught abusing this will be muted for 48 hours; if the player was caught again, he/she will be permanently muted. 5. Wilderness/PKing: a,Multi logging in the Wilderness is prohibited. Any player who is caught doing this will be automatically banned. b. If you are caught farming, you will be directly IP banned. c. Luring players is allowed but is limited to luring using the OutlawzPVP channel or world yell. Failure to abide this will result in a serious penalty. d, Rushing is allowed in all areas. The OutlawzRS team is not responsible for what happens in the wildernes; feel free to contact any member of the team for further support on any matter related to this. 6. Clans: **Anyone caught breaking the following rules will receive 1 warning, if the player does not oblige by the rules, he/she will be muted with its length dependent on severity. If a player breaks the rule again after being muted, he/she will be permanently muted: a. Members are not allowed to lure others through the OutlawzPVP channel. b. Members are not allowed to buy/sell any items on the OutlawzPVP channel. c. Members are not allowed to spam on any channel. d. Messages considered as a mass disturbance will not be tolerated. e. Members are not allowed to advertise their own clan on the OutlawzPVP channel. f. Members are not allowed to discuss extraneous topics on the OutlawzPVP channel. 7. Other Rules: a, Impersonation: - Staff impersonation is strictly prohibited and breaking the rule will result in a direct ban. - Impersonating another player for any reason (including entertainment) is against the rules and serious action will be taken. b. Real World Trading is strictly prohibited. Players who are caught RWT-ing will receive a direct permanent mute. c. Ban Evasion is not tolerated. Players who perform acts of ban evasion will receive an IP ban.
  6. This is the set of in-game rules every player must follow: 1- NO racism of any kind- This will result in immediate ban 2. No advertising will be tolerated 3- Arguments on help cc will not be tolerated (Staff will give out one warning, then mute the players for x hours) 4- No spamming 5- Any misleading links/ Threats of ANY kind (ddos,hack,ect) is not accepted. 6- Real world trading is not allowed. 7- Ban Evasion is not tolerated. 8- No third part softwares allowed (i.e auto-clickers) 9- PVP-luring and PVP-farming are not allowed 10- Abusing bugs will result in immediate ban 11- VPN voting is not allowed. 12- Staff impersination is not allowed. 13- No multi-logging in the wilderness. This list will be updated regularly. It is the player's responsibility to keep checking for updates.